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I'm Erik Martin Willén, an experienced author who loves books and loves writing even more. I live in a small village in south Sweden, and received my education at an American business university.

I have published six books thus far—one science fiction series (Nastragull) and one thriller (The Lumberjack)—and there will be many more.

I’m honored and grateful to become a member of the American Authors Guild. I’m also a member of the Swedish Writer's Guild.

The turning point in my life, the one that made me an author, was when my younger sister Sofia was diagnosed with Lupus SLE--and died shortly thereafter at the young age of 24 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sofia's death came as an incredible shock. It hit my family and me very hard, and made me revaluate my life. During my grief I started to write, and I wrote and wrote, and I held back nothing. Finally, I had found my author's voice, and the result is the saga called NASTRAGULL.

Being an author offers true freedom, in the sense of being able to write what one wants despite surrounding politics, beliefs, and religions. In my opinion, it’s the best way to express true freedom.