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The Vixens, volume 1, (work in progress)

Spin off based on the Nastragull series.

Pirates (Nastragull Book 1)

Reinventing the Space Opera: The World of Nastragull
...a sci-fi masterpiece that rivals some of Robert Heinlein's best work. Lots of fast paced action, violence, and suspense with many plots and twists...a must read for all sci-fi fans.

- Stephen Fisher

The Lumberjack

"The Lumberjack is a chilling, exhilarating read that kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. "


A mix between; The Silence of the Lambs & First Blood.
Fans of Kiss the Girls or John Sanford's Prey series will enjoy The Lumberjack.

The Beast (Nastragull Book 5)

Torn between duty and love, Alec begins his transformation into the dark, malevolent entity that posterity will someday call…The Beast.