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Book Quotes

(Nastragull, volume 1) - "Life is too short to be taken too seriously, and too long for you to be concerned about other people's opinion"


(Nastragull (volume 2) - "Discrimination and segregation are evidence of lower intelligence and lack of common sense."


(Nastragull, volume 3) - "Intelligent people discover, while fools try to conquer."


(Nastragull, volume 4) - "When all else fails, use the pen."


(Nastragull, volume 5) - "Bad policy from weak politicians lies at the core of why some people become racist in their constant search for scapegoats."

(The Lumberjack) - "Death…The Final Frontier."




(Nastragull, volume 6, work in progress) - "Oh, hail the masses, and witness thy end."


(Nastragull, volume 7, work in progress) - "Anyone can get their hands on a fortune but to become successful one must work intelligent and hard."


― Erik Martin Willén